Stay Safe Out There

In response to the Corona Virus Pandemic, I am sewing medical masks to be given to any person that needs or wants one. 


I am not asking for money for these masks, they are completely free.  All I ask is that once a person receives their mask, they take a selfie of just their face wearing the mask and allow me to post that photo to the Instagram page:


Each mask is made of grey cotton and is embroidered with a number in red thread at the top center. The number is used by myself to document the number of masks that are made and sent.


The purpose of this project is to provide as many people as possible with a mask to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As the virus spread and word of mask shortage became known, I noticed many people sewing masks to help those on the frontlines keep themselves safe. Eventually, the CDC told us we should all be wearing masks when needing to leave our houses, but the mask shortage was still an issue. I learned more of the hundreds of thousands of masks being sewn and donated. Still, when I needed to leave the house for essential items, I was surprised how many people were not wearing a mask. So I decide to send the call out to anyone, using Instagram, that I would make them a mask for a selfie. 


The Instagram page is to serve as documentation of those receiving the masks and the importance of wearing a mask. I wanted to also emphasize the importance of life, of protecting those around us and of ourselves. The Instagram page serves to promote a sense of community that we are all in this fight together and the mask is the unifier. 


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