Privilege, 2017

As a sculpture, privilege stands thirteen feet above the ground.  It resembles, un-ironically, a gallows.  On the floor beneath the gallows structure are two triangular concrete blocks of equal size and weight.  Both are attached to the structure by a pulley, however one is attached using a two pulley system whereas the other is attached using a single pulley system, thus making one concrete block easier to lift than the other. As a performance, the artist enters the scene and lifts the single pulley concrete block up and down until he is too physically exhausted to continue. After he composes himself and regains his strength, he moves to the second concrete block and lifts the weight with ease leaving it suspended in air via the provided tie-down. At this point, the sculpture is now activated and stands as a representation of the various forms of privilege in the United States culture.


This piece was shown and performed during the L.A. Road Concerts show in November 2017, as well as the Museum of Northern California Art in Chico, CA in 2018.  

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