If You Love Something, 2018

If You Love Something is a time-based video that accompanies an installation which includes the ceramic sculptures. It was entered into the                                                  at California State University in Chico and was awarded a Juror's prize.  The following are the juror, Jennifer Navva Milliken's comments:

In If You Love Something, the studio becomes a place of not only work, ideation, and reflection, but also a space for the coming to terms with identity. This process can be destructive as well as constructive. The painstaking and repetitive hand-sculpting in clay—the same material, according to many creation beliefs, from which humanity is said to have been formed—of naturalistic portrayals of the male member becomes a way for the artist to reconcile himself to constructs of gender and the societal burden they place on the individual. The video medium offers the viewer a glimpse into the intimacy of the studio and the complexity of the artistic process, as Harms labors and ponders, consumes himself in activity and steps back to assess his work. We witness also the summoning of moral courage as the artist prepares to bring his meticulous process to its inevitable conclusion. In the words of Mikhail Bakunin, “The passion for destruction is a creative passion too!”

Film Stills

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